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Exploring the Benefits and Uses of Hydraulic System Oils: A Comprehensive Guide

Even though it may seem quite basic and common, hydraulic systems all around us are the backbone of most modern industrial equipment. Since hydraulics can easily offer massive levels of power for all kinds of machinery, it is definitely a great idea to use them.

However, to make your hydraulic systems work properly, you also need the right types of hydraulic system oil for all of them. Depending on the workload type of your hydraulics, you will need different types of hydraulic system oil in your machinery.

Thus, we are here with a complete guide on how to pick the right type of hydraulic system oil for your needs. In this guide, you will learn about all the various hydraulic system oil types and their differences.

What is Hydraulic Oil?

In order to understand the need for all the various types of hydraulic system oil out there, you first should know what is hydraulic oil and the function it offers.

So hydraulic oils are non-compressible fluids that are used to transfer power around in a hydraulic system. Other than energy or power transfer, they are also used as lubricants, sealants, cleaning fluids, and even cooling fluids in hydraulic systems.

Depending on your hydraulic system, these hydraulic oils can be used for hydrodynamic applications, where the hydraulic oil moves around. Otherwise, they can be used for hydrostatic applications, where only the pressure is transferred, and the hydraulic oil stays static.

Types of Hydraulic System Oil

Now that we have covered the basics of hydraulic oils, you would want to know the various types of hydraulic system oils available. Since hydraulic machinery is used everywhere, picking the right type of hydraulic system oil becomes highly important. And that’s exactly what this guide explains.

Types ofHydraulic System Oil: How to Choose the Right One?

Before going into some of the most common types of hydraulic system oil options available out there, you should know that these are by no means all of the hydraulic system oils that you can get. Instead, these are some of the most commonly used hydraulic system oils that you will come across:

Mineral Based Hydraulic Oils

These are made with natural mineral and crude oils, which makes them ideal for simpler applications.

Synthetic Based Hydraulic Oils

With synthetic oils, you get specific chemical ingredients that allow for high-end specifications that meet your needs.

Vegetable Hydraulic Oils

As these are made with rapeseed or sunflower oil, these are biodegradable.

Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oils

Just per the name, such hydraulic oils are ideal for high temperature applications.

Food Grade Hydraulic Oils

If you are using hydraulics in the food industry, then these are the hydraulic oils you should use.

Aircraft Hydraulic Oils

Since aircrafts require high precision, you need specific hydraulic oils as well.

Agriculture Hydraulic Oils

Such hydraulic oils are highly reliable and can be used in demanding tasks like agriculture.

The Density of Hydraulic Oils

Before proceeding, you should know that different hydraulic oils have different densities, with low-density ideal for simpler applications and high density ideal for heavy-duty applications.

Magnum Hydraulic Oil ISO 32

The Magnum hydraulic oil ISO 32 is ideal for entry-level applications because it is the thinnest of the various Magnum hydraulic oils.

Magnum Hydraulic Oil ISO 37

Coming to the Magnum hydraulic oil ISO 37, it is slightly thicker and can be used for slightly more demanding applications.

Magnum Hydraulic Oil ISO 46

For most hydraulic systems out there, the Magnum hydraulic oil ISO 46 will be more than enough in terms of its density and viscosity.

Magnum Hydraulic Oil ISO 68

Lastly, the Magnum hydraulic oil ISO 68 is ideal for heavy-duty and high-end industrial applications where you need the most dense hydraulic oil.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right Hydraulic Oil

After checking all these different types of hydraulic system oils, you must have a pretty good idea about what to get for your hydraulic machinery. However, if you are still confused, here the two primary factors to consider:

  • Hydraulic Oil Viscosity: The viscosity of a hydraulic oil determines its thickness and how easily it flows. Even though low-viscosity hydraulic oils can get the job done, high-viscosity hydraulic oils increase performance at low temperatures and offer better protection against wear and tear at high temperatures.
  • Hydraulic Oil Density: You should also check the density of hydraulic oils since that affects both the lubrication and performance of a hydraulic system. High-density hydraulic oils exert more pressure on the hydraulic pump and other parts, resulting in higher wear and tear. However, they will also help in contamination removal.

Hydraulic Oil Uses

Once you know how to pick the right type of hydraulic oil, you can easily understand some of its major uses and applications. Although the number of uses and applications for hydraulic systems is technically infinite, there are definitely many that are quite common.

So, here is a list of the most common uses for hydraulic systems and hydraulic oils:

  • Construction: Most construction sites rely on large hydraulic machines like cranes.
  • Aircrafts: Pretty much all of the moving parts in aircrafts are powered by hydraulics.
  • Vehicles: Even in personal vehicles like cars, the braking systems, power steerings, and suspensions use hydraulics.
  • Agriculture: Large-scale agriculture equipment also relies on hydraulic systems.
  • Hydraulic Presses: Just as per the name, most modern-day presses use hydraulics.
  • Pump & Valve Systems: Any high-power pump or valve will definitely use hydraulics in one way or another.

Benefits of Hydraulic Oil

While there are various types of hydraulic system oil options to choose from, all of them still have a few common benefits that include the following: 

  • Protection against corrosion and sludge deposits
  • Versatile for all temperatures
  • Works as contamination filters
  • Protection against wear and tear

Frequently Asked Questions About Types of Hydraulic System Oil

What is Millennium Group hydraulic oil, and how does it work?

If you’re unfamiliar, Millennium Grease & Lubricants or Millennium Group hydraulic oil is one of the best-performing options out there. Whether you want hydraulic system oil for hydrodynamics or hydrostatics, it has you covered as it is a non-compressible fluid.

What are the different types of Millennium Group hydraulic system oils available?

Millennium Group is a lubricants & grease manufacturer & supplier in UAE that offers all kinds of hydraulic system oils. Some of these include Magnum hydraulic oil ISO 32, Magnum hydraulic oil ISO 37, Magnum hydraulic oil ISO 46, and the Magnum hydraulic oil ISO 68.

How do I choose the right Millennium Group hydraulic oil for my machinery?

Even though there are various factors to consider the perfect hydraulic system oil, you can simply stick to the recommendation given with your Millennium Group hydraulic oil to ensure that you are picking it for the right application.

Can I mix different types of Millennium Group hydraulic oils?

Since different hydraulic oils have different characteristics for different applications, it is recommended not to mix them, as this can affect the performance of your machinery.

What are the common applications of Millennium Group hydraulic oil in industrial settings?

While Millennium Group hydraulic oils can be used for various applications, some of its common applications include aircraft hydraulics, agriculture hydraulics, food-grade hydraulics, and other industrial hydraulics.

Conclusion: Types of Hydraulic System Oil Compared

Hydraulic machines and hydraulic equipment are used all around us for all sorts of industrial applications. Whether it’s vehicles, manufacturing industries, food industries, agriculture industries, or pretty much anything else, you can find hydraulics everywhere.

Because of the widespread use of hydraulics, various types of hydraulic system oil are available. We have already explained that picking the right type of hydraulic system oil for your machinery is highly important, and with this, you can easily pick the best Magnum oils hydraulic system oil for your needs.

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