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MAGNUM diesel engine oil SAE 40 API CC/SC

MAGNUM diesel engine oil SAE 40 API CC/SC by Millennium Group

Magnum Diesel Engine Oil SAE 40 API CCSC is designed to deliver top-notch lubrication for diesel engines requiring API CCSC performance. With its SAE 40 viscosity grade, it offers excellent protection against wear, corrosion, and oxidation. This oil is suitable for older diesel engines, providing the necessary film strength and viscosity to maintain peak performance. Magnum’s dedication to quality ensures that this diesel engine oil meets the challenges of older engine technologies, extending their operational life.

Product description

MAGNUM SAE 40 is a monograde diesel engine oil, manufactured from high-quality of base oil and selected additives to give good protection. To provide excellent detergency and  ispersancy. It has a good quality alkalinity reserve to neutralize the acidic effect of high sulfur fuel for diesel engines.

Performance Level



  • Protection against wear and rust prevention.
  • Excellent high-temperature stability.
  • High stability in operation

Applications of use

MAGNUM SAE 40 is recommended for use in diesel engines for vehicles, vans, and light trucks operating under mild service conditions, and for material handling machines.

Typical Technical Properties

Physical Characteristics Test Method Typical Value
SAE Grade   40
Density @ 15 C, kg/L  ASTM D-1298 0.894

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Magnum Diesel Engine Oil Sae 40 API CCSC