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gasoline engine oils

gasoline engine oils by Millennium Group

Embark on a journey of unparalleled engine protection with Millennium Group’s Gasoline Engine Oils. With a decade of expertise in the oil refinery and lubricants industry, Millennium stands at the forefront of innovation and performance. Established in 2011, we have played a pivotal role in advancing the UAE’s refining sector, contributing to quality assurance and environmental protection. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every drop of our gasoline engine oils.

At Millennium, we understand the dynamic challenges of modern engines. Our range of Gasoline Engine Oils is meticulously formulated to cater to a spectrum of driving conditions, ensuring optimal performance from mild to severe scenarios. From controlling piston and ring deposits to combating sludge formation, our oils are engineered to maintain a clean valve train, crankcase, and oil filter. Designed for high-performance gasoline engines, our oils offer superior wear control, making them ideal for diverse weather conditions and harsh applications.

Explore our diverse portfolio, from SAE 5W-20 to SAE 20W-50, each crafted from high-quality synthetic base oil and advanced additives. Compliant with industry specifications, including API SM/EC, ACEA A3/B4, VW502.00/505.00, MB 229.3, BMW, and Porsche, Millennium’s Gasoline Engine Oils go beyond lubrication. They represent a commitment to technological excellence, sustainability, and a future where engine protection meets evolution. Join us in propelling your vehicle’s growth with Millennium’s Gasoline Engine Oils – where innovation fuels performance.


Our presence

From just 15 customers in 2011, our client roster has grown to include over 100+ key customers today, across European, Middle Eastern, African and Asian markets.


Frequently Asked Questions about gasoline engine oils

Our Gasoline Engine Oils are crafted with precision using high-quality synthetic base oil and advanced additives, providing superior protection and performance. We prioritize innovation and adhere to stringent industry specifications.

Our oils are designed to control piston and ring deposits, combat sludge formation, and maintain a clean valve train, crankcase, and oil filter. This ensures optimal engine performance in diverse driving conditions.

Yes, our oils are recommended for naturally aspirated and multi-valve fuel-injected high-performance gasoline engines, catering to a wide range of vehicle types.

Our oils comply with API SM/EC, ACEA A3/B4, VW502.00/505.00, MB 229.3, BMW, and Porsche standards. This commitment to industry specifications ensures that our oils meet or exceed the requirements set by leading engine manufacturers.

Our Gasoline Engine Oils boast high oxidation stability and viscosity control, allowing for extended drain intervals. This not only enhances engine protection but also contributes to cost efficiency.

Yes, our oils are formulated to provide engine protection in both cold weather start-ups and hot weather environments, making them suitable for a variety of driving conditions.

Our oils offer improved fuel economy through advanced formulations that minimize friction and optimize engine performance, ensuring a more efficient use of fuel.

Our oils find applications in passenger cars, SUVs, vans, and light commercial vehicles, making them versatile for various industries requiring high-performance gasoline engines.

Millennium is committed to sustainability, with a focus on recycling and reusing. Our production practices aim to minimize waste, contributing to environmentally friendly operations.

Yes, Millennium offers a range of gasoline engine oils with varying specifications to meet the unique requirements of different engines and driving conditions. Our flexibility ensures tailored solutions for specific needs.

Ignite Excellence with Millennium's Quality Oils