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Evolving for you

Fuelling futures

At Millennium, we never rest on our laurels. We are always on the move, looking for ways to improve our processes and efficiency in the oil refinery and lubricants industry.

Our customers’ businesses are dynamic and ever-changing. So are our solutions. Each created to ensure that customers get the exact solutions they require to achieve their business results.

We also extend our full support along with our technical resources to help them attain their production goals.

Our mindset is global

Our approach is responsive

Our commitment is real

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Propelling your growth



We are quick on our feet to explore unique solutions to serve our customers’ businesses.
Read more Our plant can be customised to the latest process to achieve higher yields and implement cost efficiency throughout our operations. Less


Our technology agenda is supported by automation and in-depth technical expertise.
Read more We use a SCADA-based system with continuous process equipment and use the latest technology available. Less


We strive to be better every day, solving challenges and advancing on successes.
Read more Be it our efficient continuous processes or the use of dry vacuum technology for the production of high-value hydrocarbons, we evolve continuously. Less


We plan to recycle and reuse. This is where our future growth will come from.
Read more We consciously use raw materials that are environmentally sustainable across our production processes. Less

Leading from the front


Rajesh Ahuja


Rajesh Ahuja


Daksh Bhassin


Daksh Bhassin