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MAGNUM Motor Engine Oil SAE 5W-30 API SM

MAGNUM Motor Engine Oil Sae 5W-30 API SM by Millennium Group

Magnum Motor Engine Oil SAE 5W30 API SM is a cutting-edge lubricant designed for today’s sophisticated engines. With a carefully balanced formulation and adherence to API SM standards, this oil delivers superior protection against wear, deposits, and thermal breakdown. The SAE 5W30 viscosity ensures excellent flow characteristics, promoting rapid oil circulation during cold starts. Whether you’re driving in extreme temperatures or stop-and-go city traffic, this oil provides the reliability and durability that modern engines demand.

Product description

MAGNUM SAE 5W30 is a high-performance synthetic multi-grade gasoline engine oil manufactured from high-quality Synthetic base oil and selected additives to formulate a multi-grade oil for most recent technology gasoline engines. It has recommended for all modern gasoline engines running in severe conditions, specially designed to meet the requirements of most engine manufacturers. Recommended for petrol engines with normal four-stroke valve and turbo types with or without catalyst converter.


  • Performance Level API: SM/ EC ACEA A3/B4 VW502.00/ 505.00, MB 229.3, BMW & Porsche


  • • Protection Against Engine Wear & Tear
    • Prevents Deposits & Sludge Formation
    • Improved Fuel Economy
    • Protection in Cold Weather Start-up
    • Long Drain Interval Due to High Oxidation Stability
    • High Thermal Stability
    • Good Shear Stability Against Viscosity Loss

Applications of use

MAGNUM SAE 5W-30 is recommended for all gasoline engines, for vehicles operating under severe conditions, all year in the city and motorway. It is also recommended for use in modern gasoline engines where the manufacturer recommends SAE 5W30 oil.

Typical Technical Properties

Physical CharacteristicsTest MethodTypical Value
SAE Grade 5W-30
Density @ 15 °C, Kg/LASTM D-12980.856

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Magnum Motor Engine Oil Sae 5w30 Api Sm