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MAGNUM Hydraulic Oil ISO 32

MAGNUM Hydraulic Oil ISO 32 by Millennium Group

Discover unparalleled performance with MAGNUM HYDRAULIC OIL ISO 32, a top-tier hydraulic fluid meticulously engineered by Millennium Group. With an ISO viscosity grade of 32, this hydraulic oil excels in providing optimal lubrication to hydraulic systems, ensuring smooth operation and longevity. Its anti-wear additives contribute to enhanced equipment protection, making it a reliable choice for a wide range of hydraulic applications. MAGNUM HYDRAULIC OIL ISO 32 stands as a testament to Millennium Group’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that elevate the performance of hydraulic machinery.

Product description

MAGNUM ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil helps energy conserving in pump start-up mode while providing improved load protection to reduce wear during pump operation. The high viscosity index makes these products lighter and more energy efficient at room with high temperatures and high loads operating. The stabilized formula of MAGNUM provides a heavier, more protective, and full fluid film viscosity. MAGNUM Hydraulic oil provides the highest level of quality performance in a wide variety of transportation and stationary type equipment operating in broad ranges of environmental conditions and operating under severe conditions. It prevents rusting and corrosion. Recommended for use in hydraulic systems where low toxicity, high flashpoint, and biodegradability properties are required or desired.

Quality Features

  • Cleaner servo valves, less chances for sticking.
  • Superior thermal stability, avoid the formation of sludge even at high temperatures.
  • Superior filterability increases filter life.
  • Multi-metal compatibility under wet and dry conditions.
  • Good demusibility ensuring rapid water separation in the case of water getting into the circuit.
  • Excellent protection against rust and corrosion insuring maximum equipment life.
  • Rapid air release property minimizes chances of pump cavitation leading troubles for operations.


  • Gain substantial performance enhancements in Hydraulic Power.
  • Systems Cleaner servo valves, less chances for sticking.
  • This hydraulic oil also has excellent water separation and anti-foaming properties in case water is getting into the circuit.
  • Reduce overall impact and footprint on the environment.
  • Offers outstanding rust and corrosion prevention and oxidation stability which increases equipment’s life.
  • Lower toxic exposures to workers.
  • Superior filterability increases filter life.
  • Multi-metal compatibility under wet and dry conditions.

Applications of use

MAGNUM ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil is recommended for all mobile and stationary hydraulic systems operating under severe conditions, it’s also can be used in circulation, splash and ring oil Lubricants systems, compressors where recommended

Typical Technical Properties

Physical CharacteristicsTest MethodTypical Value
ISO GradeVisualISO 32
Density @ 15 ºC, kg/LASTM D-12980.872

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Magnum Hydraulic Oil ISO 32