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Hydraulic System Oils

Hydraulic System Oils by Millennium Group

MAGNUM offers a comprehensive range of high-performance hydraulic oils designed to meet the demanding requirements of both mobile and stationary hydraulic systems. Among them, MAGNUM Hydraulic Oil ISO 32 stands out as a versatile solution, providing energy conservation during pump start-up and superior load protection to minimize wear. With a high viscosity index, it ensures optimal performance in diverse environmental conditions, offering rust and corrosion prevention, oxidation stability, and low toxicity. This hydraulic oil is tailored for applications where low toxicity, high flashpoint, and biodegradability are essential.

In addition, MAGNUM presents Hydraulic Oil ISO 37, a premium fluid engineered from top-tier base oils and fortified with anti-wear additives and rust inhibitors. Meeting and exceeding industry standards, including Sperry Vickers and US Steel specifications, this oil ensures cleaner servo valves, thermal stability, and multi-metal compatibility. Its exceptional rust and corrosion protection, along with rapid air release properties, contribute to prolonged equipment life and reliable operations under severe conditions.

For applications requiring higher viscosity, MAGNUM Hydraulic Oil ISO 46 is a robust solution with qualities similar to ISO 37. This fluid, with its stable premium formulation, provides superior protection in demanding operating conditions, enhancing filter life, and ensuring multi-metal compatibility. The oil excels in preventing sludge formation at high temperatures, promoting optimal performance in hydraulic systems, compressors, and other industrial equipment.

MAGNUM Hydraulic Oil ISO 68, with its high-quality virgin base oils and advanced additives, is tailored for extreme operating conditions. Meeting specifications such as DIN 51524 Part III HLP and AFNOR NFE 48-608, this oil guarantees superior thermal stability, efficient water separation, and protection against rust and corrosion. Its rapid air release property minimizes the risk of pump cavitation, ensuring trouble-free operations in mobile and stationary hydraulic systems.

These MAGNUM hydraulic oils collectively offer a comprehensive solution for a wide range of applications, providing optimal performance, equipment longevity, and environmental responsibility.


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