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MAGNUM Gear Oil SAE 90

MAGNUM Gear Oil SAE 90 by Millennium Group

MAGNUM GEAR OIL SAE 90 is a high-performance gear oil designed for applications requiring SAE 90 viscosity grade. This gear oil is formulated to provide exceptional protection against wear, pitting, and corrosion in heavily loaded gear systems. With outstanding thermal stability, MAGNUM GEAR OIL SAE 90 ensures smooth operation and extends the service life of gears and bearings. It is suitable for use in various industrial gearboxes, axle assemblies, and other equipment operating under demanding conditions.

Product description

MAGNUM SAE 90 Gear Oil GL 5 is manufactured from a high-quality virgin base oil and selected Extreme Pressure (EP) additives which will allow maximum protection for the wide range of automotive transmissions, axles, and final drive.

Quality Features

  • It has a good level of corrosion resistance and foam properties.
  • Protection against wear and rust prevention under most severe conditions.
  • Extreme Pressure properties.
  • Excellent seal compatibility.
  •  High Thermal and oxidation stability.


  • API GL 5 MIL-L-2015

Applications of use

MAGNUM SAE 90 Gear Oil GL 5 is recommended for gearboxes, transfer boxes, and axles, where extreme pressure requirements from engine manufacturers are needed.

Typical Technical Properties

Physical Characteristics Test Method Typical Value
Density @ 15 ºC, kg/L ASTM D-1298 0.89

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Magnum Gear Oil Sae 90