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Innovating for a
sustainable future

We are the Millennium Group

Millennium Group stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability in the realm of Greases and Lubricants. With a legacy rooted in precision, engineering and chemicals, we have consistently pushed the boundaries of excellence to deliver best possible and cost effective solutions. At the heart of our commitment lies “MAGNUM”, a distinguished line of lubricants & greases meticulously crafted for diverse applications. Guided by a passion for Sustainability & Outstanding performance, Millennium Group emerges as the trusted partner for Customers seeking to optimize their operations and align their Vision. We offer an extensive range of products meeting requirements of Automotive, Industrial, Manufacturing, Marine, Agricultural and several others sectors, which are state of the art in terms of technology. Join us on a journey where cutting-edge technology meets the art of lubrication, as we pave the way for a future fueled by excellence.

In the landscape covering dynamics of lubrication, Millennium Group sets itself apart through a synthesis of Quality, Innovation and Expertise. Our extensive range of product offerings, ranging from high-performance engine oils, greases and specialized products as coolants, attests to our commitment to providing solutions that power the engines of progress. Compliant with International Standards and enriched with Advanced Formulations, Millennium Group’s offerings, led by the renowned “MAGNUM” series, cater to the intricate needs of variety of Applications.

As we navigate the intricacies of the Industrial World, Millennium Group invites you to explore a partnership where reliability meets evolution and every drop of lubricant reflects our dedication to a future of enduring industrial progress.We are on a never-ending quest to create new benchmarks in the Oil & Gas Industry with examples such as promotion of Sustainability, Recycling of Used lubricants/ Coolants, Energy efficiency and waste minimisation. Our aim is to ensure that our Lubricant Industry Customers get unique solutions which help them achieve their revoultionised business goals.Our mindset is Global having responsive approach with realistic commitment.

Committed to shaping the future



Our purpose at Millennium Lubricant Refinery LLC has been to play a positive role in helping the local economy grow. We have been at the forefront of developing the refining industry in the UAE, taking a lead in fulfilling national aspirations for quality assurance and environment protection.

Since our inception in 2011, at Millennium Grease & Lubricants Manufacturing LLC, we have walked a steady growth path, to become one of the top five lubricant and grease blending facilities in the UAE today.


Since our inception in 2011, at Millennium Grease & Lubricants Manufacturing LLC, we have walked a steady growth path, to become one of the top five lubricant and grease blending facilities in the UAE today.



We are quick on our feet to explore unique solutions to serve our clients’ businesses

Our technology agenda is underpinned by automation and in-depth technical expertise

We strive to be better every day, improving on challenges and advancing on successes

We plan to recycle and reuse, which is where our future growth will come from

Quality Into Performance

At Millennium Group, we don’t just deliver products; we turn quality into performance. Our commitment to excellence is not just a statement but a living ethos embedded in every facet of our operations. Our quality assurance team operates around the clock, meticulously inspecting and ensuring that each product leaving our factory is nothing short of the best. We view quality as a continuum, a relentless pursuit that transcends mere compliance. From the sourcing of premium raw materials to the final product reaching our customers, every step is marked by an unwavering commitment to delivering lubrication solutions that stand the test of time. In an industry where precision and reliability are paramount, Millennium Group sets the standard, where quality is not just a benchmark but a promise kept, every time.


We listen and evolve with our stakeholders, to meet shared objectives


We always do the right thing


We always prioritise our customers’ needs

All in all
every day.



Our presence

From just 15 customers in 2011, our client roster has grown to include over 100+ key customers today, across European, Middle Eastern, African and Asian markets.


We turn quality into performance


The quality assurance team at Millennium works round the clock, continuously checking and ensuring that only the tested and nothing less than the best, leaves the factory.


Five Predictions in 2019

New white paper “regulatory sandbox”

Five Predictions in 2019

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