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Diesel Engine Oils

Diesel Engine Oils by Millennium Group

At Magnum, we engineer precision in every drop of our Diesel Engine Oils to power your machinery with unparalleled efficiency and durability. Our carefully crafted formulations stand as a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality lubrication solutions for heavy-duty diesel engines. Whether it’s the relentless demands of commercial vehicles, the rugged challenges of off-road machinery, or the need for optimal performance in diverse environments, Magnum Diesel Engine Oils are engineered to exceed expectations.

Magnum Diesel Engine Oils, including the versatile SAE 15W-40 API CH-4/SJ, the robust SAE 20W-50 API CF-4, and the steadfast SAE 70 API CF, are tailored for the most demanding conditions. These oils offer a symphony of benefits, from exceptional detergency and dispersancy for controlling deposit formation to robust protection against wear, rust, and oxidation. With a focus on prolonging engine life, Magnum Diesel Engine Oils boast high oxidation stability, good cleanliness, and efficient soot handling, ensuring optimal engine health under extreme operating conditions.

Our Diesel Engine Oils adhere to stringent performance standards, including API CH-4/SJ, ACEA E7, MB 228.3, VOLVO VDS 3, and more, ensuring that your engines receive nothing short of the best. The formulations cater to a spectrum of diesel engines, from turbocharged to naturally aspirated, and find applications in diverse sectors, including commercial vehicles, passenger cars, and heavy-duty machinery both on and off the highway. Choose Magnum Diesel Engine Oils for uncompromised protection, extended drain intervals, and an unmatched commitment to engine well-being.


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From just 15 customers in 2011, our client roster has grown to include over 100+ key customers today, across European, Middle Eastern, African and Asian markets.


Frequently Asked Questions About Diesel Engine Oils

Magnum Diesel Engine Oils stand out due to their advanced formulations, crafted for heavy-duty applications. The oils provide superior detergency, dispersancy, and protection against wear, rust, and oxidation, ensuring optimal engine performance.

Yes, Magnum Diesel Engine Oils are designed to excel in a variety of conditions, making them suitable for both on and off-road diesel engines. Their versatility extends to commercial vehicles, passenger cars, and heavy-duty machinery.

Magnum Diesel Engine Oils, such as the SAE 20W-50 API CF-4, exhibit high oxidation stability and thermal stability, leading to improved fuel economy. The oils are engineered to withstand severe conditions while promoting efficient engine operation.

Magnum Diesel Engine Oils meet stringent industry standards, including API CH-4/SJ, ACEA E7, MB 228.3, VOLVO VDS 3, and more. These certifications underscore the oils’ capability to meet the demands of modern diesel engines.

Yes, Magnum Diesel Engine Oils are suitable for use in both turbocharged and naturally aspirated diesel engines. Their formulations ensure effective lubrication and protection for the critical components of turbocharged systems.

The alkalinity reserve in Magnum Diesel Engine Oils plays a crucial role in neutralizing the acidic effects of high sulfur fuel common in diesel engines. This feature enhances engine durability and longevity.

The frequency of oil changes depends on various factors such as operating conditions, engine type, and manufacturer recommendations. Magnum Diesel Engine Oils, known for their high oxidation stability, often allow for extended drain intervals.

Absolutely. Magnum SAE 50 API CF, for instance, is specifically formulated for high-speed 4-stroke diesel engines. These oils provide robust protection against wear, rust, and foaming, ensuring a longer operational life for the engine.

While primarily designed for diesel engines, certain Magnum Diesel Engine Oils, like those meeting API SF specifications, are also suitable for use in gasoline engines. Always refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for compatibility.

Magnum Diesel Engine Oils are engineered for excellent detergency, preventing deposit formation and ensuring internal engine cleanliness. This characteristic is vital for sustaining optimal engine performance over time.

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