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MAGNUM Calcium Grease MP-3

MAGNUM Calcium Grease MP-3 by Millennium Group

Magnum Calcium Grease MP-3 stands as a testament to our commitment to precision lubrication. Crafted with utmost expertise, this grease is a versatile performer, excelling in various industrial applications. The calcium-based formula ensures exceptional stability and adhesion, forming a robust protective barrier against friction and wear. Whether applied in heavy machinery, automotive components, or general-purpose lubrication, Magnum Calcium Grease MP-3 guarantees smooth and efficient operation, contributing to extended equipment life.

Product description

MAGNUM Calcium Multipurpose Grease MP3 formulated from Mineral oil thickened by calcium hydroxide. Additionally, It has a smooth buttery texture, excellent water-resistant property, mechanical stability, and lubricating performance.

Quality Features

  • Excellent adhesive property.
  • Minimum leakage and loss in the wash due to strong resistance to wear.
  • Well-distributed texture.
  • Superior mechanical and shear stability.


It is recommended for use in automotive wheel bearings of all types of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, off-highway & farm equipment.

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