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MAGNUM diesel engine oil SAE 20W-50 API CF-4

MAGNUM diesel engine oil SAE 20W-50 API CF-4 by Millennium Group

Magnum Diesel Engine Oil SAE 20W50 API CF4 is engineered for heavy-duty diesel engines, delivering reliable lubrication and protection under challenging operating conditions. With a robust formulation meeting API CF4 specifications, this oil ensures high thermal stability and resistance to oxidation, preventing the formation of harmful deposits. Its 20W50 viscosity grade provides excellent engine protection, especially in warmer climates. Magnum’s dedication to quality and performance shines through in this diesel engine oil, making it the preferred choice for those seeking durability and efficiency in their diesel engines.

Product description

MAGNUM SAE 20W-50 is a multi-grade heavy-duty diesel engine oil formulated from high-quality virgin base oil and selected additives. It delivers increased fuel efficiency and extends the engine’s operational life. Specially made to withstand severe on and off-road conditions, MAGNUM also features good alkalinity to neutralize the acidic effect of sulfur in diesel fuel. It provides a good drain interval while maintaining protection against wear, oxidation, and rust.

Performance Level

  • API: CF-4 MIL-L-2104E ACEA E2
  • Meets the requirements: MAN M271, MB 228.1, MACK EO-L, VOLVO VDS, ALLISON C-4, CATERPILLAR TO 2


  • High Oxidation Stability
  • Excellent Protection Against Wear and Tear
  • Good Thermal Stability
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Protects Against Soot Formation and Piston Deposits
  • Anti-foaming and Anti-rust Properties

Applications of use

Recommended for naturally aspirated and turbocharged heavy-duty diesel engines. Suitable for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, and an extensive range of heavy-duty applications. Designed for highway and off-road applications. Used in all diesel engines whether the manufacturer recommends API CF-4 or earlier specifications also suitable for gasoline engines with API SG.

Typical Technical Properties

Physical CharacteristicsTest MethodTypical Value
SAE Grade 20W-50

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Magnum Diesel Engine Oil Sae 20W-50 API CF4