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Millennium Grease & Lubricants Manufacturing LLC offers a comprehensive range of lubricating oils, greases, brake fluids, Coolants and other Engineering fluid solutions. Our one-stop solution caters to diverse sectors. Embracing a circular economy, we take pride in offering sustainable lubricants & greases and also promote green manufacturing practices.

Millennium Grease & Lubricants LLC

At Millennium Group, our range of grease and lubricant products embodies a commitment to precision, engineering and uncompromising thrust for quality. MAGNUM range of technically challenging lubricating oils, Greases and host of allied products help us to service the needs of our Valued Customers. These products are surpassing exact requirements of Global OEMs and users of their equipments. MAGNUM’s range of Engine Oils meet the requirement of latest regulation complying engines used in Automotive, Industrial, Mining, Marine, Agriculture Industries. MAGNUM Calcium Multipurpose Grease MP-3, with its smooth buttery texture and excellent water-resistant properties, sets the standard for automotive wheel bearings. Its superior adhesive property, coupled with resistance to wear, ensures minimal leakage and loss even in challenging operating conditions. Meanwhile, MAGNUM Lithium Grease EP-2 takes versatility to new heights, catering to diverse industrial applications in steel plants, mining, cement and engineering industries. With outstanding thermal and oxidation stability characteristics imparted with lithium complex soap-based grease extends bearing life and protects against rust and corrosion.

In the realm of brake fluids, MAGNUM offers high-quality synthetic solutions designed for automotive brake and clutch systems. MAGNUM BRAKE FLUID DOT-3 and DOT-4 provide superior performance over a wide temperature range, boasting good wear and corrosion protection, resistance to moisture absorption and high boiling points. These fluids exceeds the requirements of SAE J1703 and FMVSS 116 DOT specifications, exemplify the precision and manufacturing reliability that define our products. Additionally, our Anti-Freeze Coolant (50% diluted with water) guards engines year-round, meeting stringent industry standards like ASTM D3306, GM6043M and Ford ESE-M97B44-A, making it an ideal choice for a broad spectrum of applications, from automobiles to heavy-duty engines.

These products collectively showcase Millennium Group’s unwavering commitment to innovation and ensures that industries Customers receive ultimate lubrication solutions which not only meet but exceed their performance expectations.

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From just 15 customers in 2011, our client roster has grown to include over 100+ key customers today, across European, Middle Eastern, African and Asian markets.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Grease & Lubricants

When choosing a grease for high-temperature environments, factors such as base oil viscosity, thickener type, and additive packages play a crucial role. Look for greases with synthetic base oils and thickeners that provide stability at elevated temperatures. Additionally, consider additives for oxidation resistance and anti-wear properties.

The selection of the right grease significantly influences bearing life. Factors such as load, speed, and operating conditions should guide the choice of grease. High-quality greases with appropriate base oils, thickeners, and additives ensure proper lubrication, reducing friction and wear for extended bearing life.

NLGI (National Lubricating Grease Institute) consistency ratings indicate the hardness of grease. Greases with higher NLGI numbers are thicker and provide better stay-in-place properties. Understanding NLGI consistency is crucial in matching the grease to specific applications, ensuring it stays in the desired location and provides effective lubrication.

Lithium complex greases offer excellent performance in a wide range of temperatures and applications. Choose lithium complex greases for their high dropping points, water resistance, and shear stability. They are particularly suitable for heavy-duty applications, including bearings in industrial machinery and automotive components.

EP additives enhance a grease’s ability to withstand extreme pressure conditions, preventing metal-to-metal contact and wear. These additives are crucial in applications with heavy loads, shock loads, or high-pressure conditions, such as in industrial gearboxes, metal forming equipment, and certain automotive applications.

Mixing incompatible greases can lead to reduced performance, ineffective lubrication, and even equipment damage. It’s essential to follow manufacturer recommendations on grease compatibility and avoid mixing different types unless explicitly specified. Thoroughly clean equipment before switching greases to prevent cross-contamination.

Greases used in food-grade applications must comply with strict regulations. Choose NSF H1 or H2 registered greases for incidental contact or non-food contact areas, respectively. These greases should be resistant to water washout, provide anti-wear protection, and meet hygiene standards.

Proper lubrication is critical for electric motor bearings. Choose greases specifically formulated for electric motors, considering factors like speed, temperature, and load. Regularly monitor lubrication intervals, and follow manufacturer guidelines for relubrication to maintain optimal motor efficiency and prolong bearing life.

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