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MAGNUM Lithium Grease EP-2

MAGNUM Lithium Grease EP-2 by Millennium Group

Magnum Lithium Grease EP-2 represents the pinnacle of lubrication technology, designed to meet the stringent demands of modern machinery. Its lithium-based composition ensures superior protection against extreme pressures, making it an ideal choice for high-load applications. With excellent thermal stability and resistance to water washout, this grease maintains peak performance even in challenging environments. Magnum Lithium Grease EP-2 is your reliable partner for ensuring equipment longevity and optimal functionality in diverse industrial settings.

Product description

MAGNUM LITHIUM GREASE is a premium quality lithium complex soap-based multipurpose grease manufactured from superior quality base stocks with specially selected additives.

Quality Features

  • Based on information available, this product is not likely to pose any advanced effect on health.
  • Provided It is as per the recommendation for more information refer MSDS For disposal.
  • Check local regulations and take care to protect the environment.


  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability
  • This grease also provides protection against rust and corrosion.
  • Having moderately high drop points, resistance to oxidation, and good Thermal and structural.
  • Stability.
  • Extended bearing life.

Applications of use

MAGNUM LITHIUM GREASE is suitable for all types of industrial applications in steel plants, mining, cement, and different engineering industries as excellent multipurpose grease.

Typical Technical Properties

Physical CharacteristicsTest MethodTypical Value
Work Penetration at 25ºC280240

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Magnum Lithium Grease Ep-2