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MAGNUM Brake Fluid DOT-4

MAGNUM Brake Fluid DOT-4 by Millennium Group

Magnum Brake Fluid DOT4 sets the standard for excellence in automotive brake and clutch systems. Crafted with precision and adhering to the SAE J1703 and FMVSS 116 DOT4 specifications, this synthetic fluid delivers superior performance across diverse temperature conditions. Boasting qualities such as good wear and corrosion protection, moisture resistance, and high boiling points, Magnum Brake Fluid DOT4 ensures optimal braking efficiency. As a testament to our dedication to quality, this fluid is compatible with various synthetic fluids, providing versatility and reliability for a range of applications.

Quality Features

  • Synthetic Fluid
  • Good wear and corrosion protection
  • Resistant to moisture absorption
  • High dry and wet boiling points.
  • Viscosity suitable at cold as well as high temperatures


  • It is miscible with all other synthetic fluids of similar quality. MAGNUM BRAKE FLUID DOT 4 has good vapor
  • lock characteristics. It is compatible with rubber seals and hoses and provides corrosion protection for metals.


  • MAGNUM BRAKE FLUID DOT 4 is a high-quality synthetic fluid used for automotive brake and clutch systems, with high viscosity index to give superior performance over a wide temperature range.

Performance Level

  • Meets the specification of SAE J1703 and FMVSS 116 DOT 4

Typical Technical Properties

Physical CharacteristicsTest MethodTypical Value
Color DOT 4
Density @ 15 ºC 1.04

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Magnum Brake Fluid Dot4