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grease by Millennium Group

Magnum Calcium Grease MP-3 by Millennium Group is a top-tier, multipurpose grease meticulously crafted from mineral oil thickened by calcium hydroxide. Possessing a smooth buttery texture, this grease boasts exceptional water resistance, mechanical stability, and lubricating performance. Its benefits include superior adhesive properties, minimal leakage, and resistance to wear. The well-distributed texture ensures optimal mechanical and shear stability. This grease is highly recommended for automotive wheel bearings in various vehicles, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and off-highway and farm equipment.

Magnum Lithium Grease EP-2, also by Millennium Group, stands out as a premium-quality lithium complex soap-based multipurpose grease. Crafted from superior-quality base stocks with specially selected additives, this grease offers excellent thermal and oxidation stability. It provides robust protection against rust and corrosion, thanks to its moderately high drop points, resistance to oxidation, and good thermal and structural stability. Meeting the IS-14847:2000 standard, this lithium grease is ideal for diverse industrial applications in steel plants, mining, cement, and various engineering industries.

Magnum Lithium Grease EP-3, another lithium soap-based grease by Millennium Group, is meticulously formulated with high-quality paraffinic base oils, balanced oxidation and rust inhibitors, and extreme pressure additives. This grease is suitable for loaded slide-ball and roller bearings, wheel bearings, universal joints, chassis, and various shock-loaded and off-road equipment in both wet and dry conditions. Meeting the standards of DIN 51502: KP0K-30, KP1K-30, KP2K-30, KP3K-20, and ISO 6743-9, it excels in adhesion properties, seal-bearing sealing against water, dust, and contaminants, making it ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications such as steel mills, paper mills, heavy structural construction/fabrication industries, mining, and automotive industries.

These grease products from Millennium Group demonstrate a commitment to quality, reliability, and performance across a spectrum of industrial applications, ensuring optimal lubrication and protection under diverse operating conditions.


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From just 15 customers in 2011, our client roster has grown to include over 100+ key customers today, across European, Middle Eastern, African and Asian markets.


Frequently Asked Questions About Grease

Magnum Calcium Grease MP-3 stands out with its unique formulation, providing excellent wear resistance and performance in various applications.

Magnum Lithium Grease EP-2 ensures stable performance, even in high-temperature conditions, preventing oxidation and promoting equipment longevity.

Yes, Magnum Lithium Grease EP-3 excels in diverse conditions, offering superior adhesion, sealing against contaminants, and thermal stability.

Magnum Calcium Grease MP-3 provides excellent adhesive properties, minimizing wear and ensuring longevity in various automotive applications.

Magnum Lithium Grease EP-2 effectively handles high temperatures, preventing oxidation and ensuring stable performance in demanding environments.

Magnum Lithium Grease EP-3 excels in adhesion, ensuring reliable sealing against water, dust, and contaminants in industrial equipment.

Magnum Lithium Grease EP-2 provides excellent thermal stability and rust prevention, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications in steel plants and mining.

Magnum Calcium Grease MP-3 is generally compatible, but it’s recommended to check compatibility with existing lubricants and systems.

Magnum Lithium Grease EP-3 excels under high loads, preventing rust and corrosion in heavy-duty applications like steel mills.

Magnum Lithium Grease EP-2 enhances bearing life through its unique formulation, providing thermal stability and reliable performance in various operating conditions.

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