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MAGNUM Anti Freeze Coolant

MAGNUM Anti Freeze Coolant by Millennium Group

Magnum Anti-Freeze Coolant 50% stands as a premium solution within our comprehensive coolant range. This ethylene glycol-based coolant, meeting the high standards of ASTM D3306, D4985, GM6043M, and other industry benchmarks, offers year-round protection for cooling systems. Designed for optimal performance in both winter and summer conditions, this coolant safeguards against freezing, boiling, and corrosion. Its versatile application extends to various automotive vehicles, from standard automobiles to heavy-duty engines used in agriculture, mining, construction, and more. The distinctive formulation minimizes hot surface scaling, prevents heat transfer surface fouling due to minor oil leakage, and upholds the durability of common system metals, including copper, solder, and brass. Choose Magnum Anti-Freeze Coolant 50% for unmatched cooling system protection and performance reliability.

Product Description

MAGNUM Anti-Freeze Coolant 50 % is a premium quality, virgin ethylene glycol-based anti-coolant. It provides year-round protection for the cooling system. It protects all common system metals including copper, solder, brass, etc. It contains additives to minimize hot surface scaling while also preventing heat transfer surface fouling due to minor oil leakage.


  • It will function effectively during both winter and summer to provide year-round protection against
  • For freezing, boiling, and corrosion we recommend a 1:1 dilution by volume in water.
  • Ideal for Middle east usage.
  • Prevents freeze up in winter and boil-over in summer.


Meets the requirements of ASTM D3306, D4985 General Motors GM6043M, GM1825M, GM1899M FORD ESE-M97B44-A, ESE-M97B18-C Chrysler MS-7170 Cummins 90T8-4, 366132 Detroit Diesel 7SE298 Navistar B1 (B6-008GO) John Deere H-5, 8650-5 Mack truck 014GS17004 Ford New Holland 9-86 Freightliner 48-22880 White (GMC Div. of Volvo) Case Corp.MS1710

Application of Use

MAGNUM Anti-Freeze Coolant 50 % is recommended for coolant requirements for automobiles, vans, and pickup class trucks (ASTM D3306) as well as for heavy-duty engines requiring a pre-charge SCA. Such engines are typically used in off-highway machinery for agriculture, mining, earth-moving, and construction; roads, trucks, and buses; high-output stationary engine installations, and locomotive and marine installations.

Anti Freeze & Coolant

Physical Characteristics Test Method Typical Value
Specific Gravity, 60°F -undiluted
 D1122- 1.110 to 1.145
50%vol. in water
  1.065 min

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Magnum Anti Freeze Coolant