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MAGNUM ATF Dexron III by Millennium Group

MAGNUM ATF DEXRON III is a high-quality automatic transmission fluid engineered to meet the specifications of Dexron III. This fluid is designed to provide consistent and reliable performance in automatic transmissions, torque converters, and power steering systems. Its advanced formulation offers enhanced thermal stability, wear protection, and shear stability. MAGNUM ATF DEXRON III ensures smooth gear shifting, optimal lubrication, and improved fuel efficiency in a variety of vehicle applications.

Product description

MAGNUM ATF is formulated to provide smooth shifting in the automatic and semi-automatic transmission due to the high quality of base oil and the advanced additives technology used in the formulation.

Quality Features

  • The smoother shift in transmission.
  • Very high viscosity index.
  • Very low pour point.
  • Friction properties to provide longer transmission life.
  • Single product for all types of automatic transmissions.
  • Easy start in cold weather and very good operating and shifting during hot weather.


  • Provide excellent lubrication in automatic and semi-automatic transmission,
  • low friction characteristic to meet GENERAL MOTORS Dexron II requirements,
  • Cat TO-2, Ford Mecron, DB236.6.

Applications of use

MAGNUM ATF is recommended for automatic and semi-automatic transmission and torque converters of passenger cars, and light commercial vehicles, when the manufacturer requires an ATF Dexron II specification, it is also suitable for power steering systems and hydraulic systems on farm tractors and heavy equipment.

Typical Technical Properties

Physical Characteristics Test Method Typical Value
Color ASTM D-1500 RED
Density @ 15 ºC, kg/L ASTM D-1298 0.85

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Magnum Atf Dexron III