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Choosing the Best Automatic Transmission Fluid for Enhanced Machinery Performance in UAE

Whether you drive a 7 seater family car or a 2 door sports car, keeping your car serviced and maintained is highly important. This primarily includes regular car checkups and inspections, replacing car parts as they wear out, and, most importantly, getting your car serviced regularly.

And if you know anything about servicing a car, then you must know that it also involves replacing all the various fluids in your car. One such highly important but often neglected fluid happens to be the automatic transmission fluid. As you would expect, if you don’t change your transmission fluid regularly, it can damage or completely ruin your car’s automatic transmission.

Thus, we are here with a complete, detailed guide on how choosing the right automatic transmission fluid enhances machinery performance and, most importantly, keeps your automatic transmission reliable in the long run.

Understanding Automatic Transmission Fluid

Before you go ahead and learn how choosing the right automatic transmission fluid works, it is quite important that you know the basics of automatic transmission fluid in the first place.

What is Transmission Oil?

If you’re wondering how choosing the right automatic transmission fluid affects your car’s performance, you first need to know what transmission oil is. As you know, your car’s automatic transmission has many gears and moving parts inside it. All of these are moving at very high RPMs, which means that there is a lot of friction and heat between them.

This is exactly why choosing the right automatic transmission fluid is extremely important. By getting the right transmission oil, you will ensure no friction inside your automatic transmission, less heat output, and, most importantly, increase the reliability of your automatic transmission in the long run.

Importance of Selecting the Best Automatic Transmission Fluid

You will be shocked to know how choosing the right automatic transmission fluid can completely change the performance and reliability of your automatic transmission. While we have covered this in detail late on, it is important to pick the right automatic transmission fluid because of the various types of fluids out there. 

Other than separate manual transmission fluids, automatic transmission fluids have different types. This is because different automatic transmission fluids use different technologies and designs. Thus, all of them require different automatic transmission fluid types, as you will see later in this guide.

Types of Automatic Transmission Fluid

Like all other fluids in your car, you need to choose the right automatic transmission fluid type. Otherwise, you can run into all kinds of issues in the long run.

So to help you better understand the various types of transmission fluids out there, we have divided them into the following two types, which should also help you understand how choosing the right automatic transmission fluid can drastically affect the transmission performance:

Manual Transmission Oil

Even though we are covering automatic transmission fluids here, you should also know that manual transmission oils are available. And just as you would expect, these transmission oils or transmission fluids are specifically made for manual transmissions. Since manual transmissions are much simpler, these fluids are not the most high-end ones and can’t be used with automatic transmissions.

Automatic Transmission Oil

Automatic transmission fluids are more performance-oriented. In fact, since automatic transmissions have various types themselves, you can also find multiple automatic transmission fluid types out there:

Magnum ATF Dexron II

In the 1970s, General Motors released the Dexron II standard for automatic transmissions. Magnum ATF Dexron II is made specifically for ATF Dexron II-type automatic transmissions.

Magnum ATF Dexron III

Coming to the newer Magnum ATF Dexron III automatic transmission fluid it is made for newer automatic transmissions. Thus, you can use it to transmit both ATF Dexron II and ATF Dexron III automatically.

Magnum ATF Type-A

However, if you have an older car, then it is highly likely that it will use an ATF Type-A automatic transmission. If that is the case, then you should use the Magnum ATF Type A automatic transmission fluid in your car.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right Type of Automatic Transmission Fluid

How to Choose the Right Automatic Transmission Fluid

Now that you know all the various factors to consider for picking automatic transmission fluids, choosing the right one should be quite easy. 

However, if you live in a country like the UAE, things will be slightly different. Because of the hotter environment, you need to go with higher-quality transmission fluids like Magnum oils. In addition to being rated for high heat usage, these also comply with all transmission fluid standards required in the UAE, which makes them the perfect choice.

Factors of Transmission Oil

In case you want to be 100% sure about picking the right transmission fluid, then you should also check the following factors of transmission oil that can affect its performance:

  • Viscosity: While some transmission fluids may be high viscosity, you should choose a low-viscosity transmission fluid for automatic transmissions, as it helps reduce the load on your transmission and increase fuel efficiency.
  • Compatibility: Any transmission fluid you get will have a list of compatible automatic transmission types. Make sure your car’s automatic transmission type is listed there.

Manufacturer Recommendations: Lastly, you should also check your car’s user manual and choose an automatic transmission fluid according to the recommendations there.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Choose the Right Transmission Fluid

What is automatic transmission fluid, and why is it important?

Since your automatic transmission has various gears that spin at very high RPMs, they need to be lubricated with automatic transmission fluid to ensure proper performance and reliability without extreme heat levels.

What are the different types of automatic transmission fluid?

Even though there are various automatic transmission fluid types available out there, the two primary types include natural oil automatic transmission fluids and synthetic oil automatic transmission fluids.

How do I know which type of automatic transmission fluid is best for my machinery?

While you can go ahead and learn about your car’s automatic transmission in detail to know what automatic transmission fluid is the best, the much easier and faster way will be to refer to the user’s manual and check the details for the recommended automatic transmission fluid.

Can I mix different types of automatic transmission fluid?

Even though you can technically use fluids of the same specifications, different brands will have slight variations even with the same specifications. Thus, you should avoid mixing different types of automatic transmission fluids.

How often should I change my automatic transmission fluid?

Unlike the engine oil, your automatic transmission fluid can easily last for much longer. Depending on your car, you only need to change it once every 50000 to 100000 KMs.

Conclusion: How Choosing the Right Automatic Transmission Fluid Enhances Machinery

Just like any other part of your car, the automatic transmission also needs regular check ups and service. Most importantly, it needs to have the right transmission fluid inside it to ensure enhanced performance and amazing reliability at all times. And if you are looking for the best lubricants & grease manufacturer & supplier in UAE for getting the right transmission fluid, then Magnum oils is the perfect option for you.

With Magnum, you can get all types of automatic transmission fluids like Magnum ATF Dexron II, Magnum ATF Dexron III, Magnum ATF Type-A, and various others. And with all of these, you can expect exceptional performance and ensure proper functionality from your car’s automatic transmission at all times.

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